We are happy to present to you our fiery lineup for @aboutpopfestival Aftershow.

@giuseppe_di_leria (Live+DJ set) 00:00-03:30
Giuseppe Scaccia also known as D-Leria a sonic virtuoso in the studio and chaos creator on the dancefloor, embarked on his DJ journey in 2001. Over the past few years, D-Leria has taken the global stage by storm, venturing on active touring with debuts in historical and iconic clubs and festivals, reaching new continents, communities and audiences.

@leo_tiger98 03:30-05:00
Introducing LEO TIGER, hailing from Stuttgart, her sonic journey spans across the realms of Hardgroove, Techno, and Ghetto Tech, promising an electrifying experience on the dance floor.

@stereovisions.etr @needs.etr 04:00-05:00
Stereo Visions and Needs have sucessfully introduced themselves into Stuttgarts Techno Scene, performing as White Noise residents and event curators. Their groove- and old-school techno inspired sound has become their staple, which they will portray as this years AboutPop support acts under their Duo Project moniker, Groove Delivery System.

About Pop: D-Leria