Jakob Mäder is a Stuttgart based DJ and producer who also performs live. His musical interest spans across different genres: ambient, disco, house, acid, and sometimes even techno inspired music.Together with his crew Midnight Service he organises events with artists such as Johannes Albert, Philipp Schultheis or Panthera Krause, just to name a few. Ranging from reduced ambient to classic house inspired deep house or experimental breakbeat productions, his output as a producer reflects his eclectic taste as a DJ. Besides crafting his very own tracks, cheerful disco tracks result from his artistic work every now and then. He started his own label Constant Change in 2021.

OLIV – Activist and artist OLIV is one co-founder of ZENA and part of Breidenbach Label. With a wide spectrum of efforts to generate more spaces, conversations, and networks opportunities for FLINTA* artists, OLIV is a music lover and explorer by heart. For some years OLIV has been twisting knobs and turning records – always varying between different genres like Experimental, Electroacoustic Music, House, Tech, Breakbeat, Electro, Acid and Bass. She has been playing various clubs in Germany as well as London& Amsterdam, supporting various artists, e.g. Shanti Celeste, Saoirse, Object Blue, Cinthie & Kiddy Smile to name a few. For some time, she has become increasingly involved with the interface of electronic dance music and electroacoustic music and the emergence of both genres. She incorporates this scientific approach into various radio mixes, including on Refuge Worldwide, Dublab Brazil and Rinse France.

REWORK are Michael Kuebler, Daniel Varga, Elmar Mellert and + some additional guest vocalist, who released their first international club hits Love Love Love Yeah and You're So Just on the Frankfurt-based techno institution Playhouse.

They describe their musical aesthetic as “new wave house” and combine icy minimal structures with catchy euro-girl vocals, Anglo-French funk antics and a dash of dance floor melancholy. Playhouse, My Favorite Robot, Items & Things, Visionquest and many others have all released their work, which includes four albums. Their upcoming album "Real Love" is another musical adventure in different genres and will be released in August 2022 on Exlove Records.

Their tracks were remixed by artists like Trentemøller, Magda, Roman Flügel, Alter Ego, Losoul, Fur Coat, Paranoid London, Andrew Weatherall and many others. They appear also on various compilations like the legendary Richie Hawtins’s Closer To The Edit, Famous When Dead Compilations, Fabric DJ mixes and on Magda’s Balance 27 Mix.

In 2022 REWORK is going to release their "Take Me Out EP", before the "Real Love" album release with many new tracks suitable for indie and club dancefloors. The full pack will be released in July 2022 on their label exlove records. Their new label exlove records is a full blast. On their own output they release music inbetween Synthwave, Postpunk, Indie, House, Techno, Elektro, Synthpop from various new artists like Pola Women, Sceti, Sugartin, She Lies and their own Rework Tracks.

ADC Creative Club 2022: Jakob Mäder