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Basement Operations x AAAE invites Francesco Farfa Step into another world with the infamous collectives aaae & Basement Operations.

The trouble-making collectives teaming up to celebrate their enduring friendship: The co-curated program embodies shared moments and mutual respect - a testament to their special bond. For this notable auspicious occasion, no other than the Italian progressive house legend Francesco Farfa will serve you some high-class entertainment. Born in Florence, his first work as a DJ took place at the start of the 80s. Farfa’s music has been called everything from psychedelic techno to cyber-trance, but it is impossible to truly define, with Farfa instead going in whatever direction his heart takes him. Get mesmerized by an extended DJ performance that showcases his outstanding turntable skills and impeccable taste. Farfa's sonic journey promises to be an exploration of electronic landscapes like no other. The night will be framed by unexpected B2Bs of the two collectives. Both crews will bring their secret sauce and team up to create a sonic environment that will control the dancefloor, leaving you craving for more. Join us in blurring the lines (between past and present) in a tribute to the magnetic pull of underground dance culture and its inspiring communities.

Basement Operations x AAAE invites: Francesco Farfa