• Joachim SpiethAffin
  • Tobias EdelmannBeyond – Stuttgart
  • Felix LindnerBeyond – Stuttgart

It is the experience beyond the music that takes us higher and brings us to back to ourselves. That is what we are searching for beyond the party. Music and dance are the doors to the meditative state beyond it if we let it happen.

Originally from Stuttgart, Joachim Spieth has been DJ, producer and head of the internationally renowned label Affin for many years. In his music he sounds out the frontiers of both multilayered and abstract textures, dark, banging techno and spheric sound aesthetics. The experience of his new album Irradiance is again beyond the usual dancefloor happenings...

The project was initiated by Tobias Edelmann and Felix Lindner who share the love for the sepcifically hypnotic, almost spiritual kind of techno music that takes people somewhere beyond. Let's get there together.

Beyond: Joachim Spieth