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We are happy to present you a night withnFederico Molinaril, the co-founder of Oslo Records. Originally trained as a bass guitarist, he has been into Jazz and other musical directions long before he started to experiment with electronic music. Federico moved to Germany, where he met Nekes, the other founder of Oslo.. and now Oslo is one of the hottest underground imprints. They gained attention not only in Europe, but all over the world for its superb and original releases. He has released several EPs on labels as Pressure Traxx, CURE MUSICand others in recent years.
He's now set to debut on Russia's Nervmusic Records with his first long-player, which is described as "a deep pool of captivating and intricate sounds." It's a long-player rather than an album per se because there is no concept; rather it is just a double vinyl of tracks. Here we go!


RA (http://bit.ly/2iMkcZt)

Federico Molinari