• Now You See Me Moria – No Child in Prison

The Greek authorities are planning to move asylum seekers to a Closed Control Access Centre (CCAC) in Lesvos, Greece. This is a camp surrounded by barbed wire fences and concrete walls, with 24/7 surveillance, 36 km away from the city.

These measures regulate the residents – their freedom of movement – so they are de facto in a state of detention. They are isolated from the world in a place to wait for their asylum procedure. Also children will be kept in this place. Far away from the colourful world they deserve. So how do children dream, cry, eat, grow up, hope, hide, learn, play, sleep and wish in a prison?

We invite all creatives to use your creativity and show your anger, criticism and dispair. We as creatives have to show our solidarity and use our skills. Create an artwork, that emphasizes your message. The technique is yours to choose. You can work illustrative, draw, write, collage it, etc.

Now You See Me Moria – No Child in Prison