• PERKONumbers – Copenhagen
  • Jacques TorranceLa Dune / GASP Records – UK
  • K. Popo & Louis XIVDelinquent Network – DE

“Density, Noise, Dust, Distortion, Space…”
ambient - dub - bass - breaks - uk techno - electro - jungle

Originally hailing from Scotland & now based in Copenhagen, La Dune & DN invite 23-year old producer and deejay Perko to White Noise. Formerly known as Bleaker, he makes dance music that’s deeper than his age may suggest. Expect strong tendencies towards heavily percussive-based tracks, non 4/4 rhythms and a vast range of tempos.

His recent release 'Nv Auto' on the infamous Scottish label, Numbers, proves his versatility as a producer exploring sounds split between dancefloor-orientated tracks influenced by UK soundsystem culture, and atmospheric pieces characterised by layers of subtly shifting chords, field recordings and delicate polyrhythms.