• Pre-Listening: Massive Attack – Mezzanine Anniversary Remastered
  • Massive Attack – Mezzanine (20th Anniversary Remastered)

Full Album Pre-Listening + Reading by Melissa Chemam from her book »Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone«

Doors open: 9 pm / 21 Uhr
Listening Session: 10 pm / 22 Uhr (limited seats will be provided)

Please be on time for the Listening Session.
Doors are closed and the club will be pitchblack during MEZZANINE album for full experience.

For ticket/seat reservation please contact: news@timeforplaytime.com

You want to feel the magic of music listening on a mind-blowing level? Come to PLAYTIME Music Album Sessions at WHITE NOISE and experience the club floor as a seated listening hall for MEZZANINE, the masterpiece by MASSIVE ATTACK in the new remastered sound exclusively before worldwide release –– with Melissa Chemam reading from her acclaimed book »Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone«.

It's time for PLAYTIME. One Album. One Evening.

When was the last time we listened to music with full attention? Without any distraction or disruption. No song skipping and no shuffle mode. A whole album from beginning to end. – Times are changing, but we still love music for the exact same reason: We are totally captivated once we push the play button.

Kindly supported by Universal Music and white noise.

»MEZZANINE stands as an album built around echoes of the ’70s, wrestled through the immediacy of its creators' tumultuous late ’90s, and fearless enough that it still sounds like it belongs in whatever timeframe you're playing it.«
9.3 — Pitchfork

»I'll probably never listen to the album again, but that's just because if I listen to it, I'll probably think, "Oh God, how do you beat that?" Which is what we had hanging around our necks when we got to 100th Window and Heligoland. When you do something that does capture everything that you wanna capture at that point, how do you better that?«
– Neil Davidge, Producer of Mezzanine

»Author Melissa Chemam's in-depth study of the Wild Bunch and Massive Attack looks into Bristol's past to explore how the city helped shape one of the most successful and innovative musical movements of the last 30 years. She gives a unique insight into Massive Attack - 3D, Daddy G and Mushroom - their influences, art, collaborations and politics and the way in which they opened the door for other Bristol musicians and artists including Banksy.«
– Tangent Books, Press Release

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»Everybody who is in love with music should experience a PLAYTIME. It's brilliant.«
– Tom Schilling, musician & actor

»What a perfect setting. Being together and listen to music from a vinyl record. No blathering. No smartphones.«
– DJ Koze, musician

»I’m a person who appreciates nuances. The impression of the album in its entirety after not having heard it in a while was therefore really valuable to me. I was completely immersed. PLAYTIME was an enlightening experience.«
– And.Ypsilon (Die Fantastischen Vier), musician & producer

Pre-Listening: Massive Attack – Mezzanine Anniversary Remastered