• Tamara Wirth (ritual digital)

Tamara Wirth is a female DJ from Stuttgart. While she was active as a DJ and event organizer for a few years, e.g. the "How To" Partys at Rakete or the MaxMara Nights at Ice Café Adria, she developed DJ workshops with Nachtsichtfestival and found herself regularly appearing in bars and clubs in Stuttgart. Since 2021 she has been a regular member of the Stuttgart and Munich based rave collective Ritual:Digital and supplements their sound with experimental electro all the way to minimal,techno and trance, without shying away from any genre in between. Tamara's sets are always full of surprises, with unexpected rhythms and textures that keep listeners guessing what she'll do next. In a genre that can often be stale and formulaic, Tamara is a refreshing change of pace, showing that there's still plenty of room for creativity in electronic music.

Tamara Wirth  (ritual digital)