• Technobeton M2 Lecture Performance by Iassen Markov

On the occasion of the current online show „Technobeton“ of Iassen Markov we cordially invite you to a lecture performance consisting of 100% Techno and 100% Beton at 8 pm.

See the current online show on www.collectgoodstuff.com

Technobeton, a solo show by Iassen Markov
11.11.2016 – 8.1.2017

The online show presents „Technobeton VII“, an exclusive and limited edition of furniture art objects by Iassen Markov. The edition consists of 7 exceptional pieces which serve as functional furniture and autonomous art works at the same time. As the title „Technobeton VII“ already indicates the series is composed of 100% Techno and 100 % Beton illustrating the artist’s different influences and professional background as well as the duality of the furniture objects itself. Iassen Markov is an architect, a designer, a music producer and in particular a conceptualist. As part of his project „Technobeton“ the edition stands for the transformation of techno beats in concrete forms by using the correspondent material, acrystal and acrylic glass. Building on one module the series captivates due to its eclectic style with clear lines, surprising compositions, strong materials and sharp colours. With impacts from masters of immensité like Étienne-Louis Boullée and postmodern designers like The Memphis Group, „Technobeton VII“ unites contradictions to open the boarder between functional pieces of furniture and the visual arts. The featured film „Technobeton C“ can be understand as a digital reflection of the edition. Iassen Markov’s moving images function as a construction manual literally as a big bang theory where light creates objects and concrete forms turn to abstract sound waves. Two of the furniture art objects (BS and NT1) will be produced in a limited edition of 25 exclusively available at Collect Good Stuff. The digital sleepers will be transformed into analog art pieces – ideas become real.

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Technobeton M2