After eleven amazing WakeTheTown sessions we celebrate #12 on Friday the 17th November with a UK special and one of the most versatile DJs and producers we can think of:

Fixate (Exit Records, London/UK)!

Declan Curran, aka Fixate, comes from a generation that isn't locked to the notion genre, he is product of UK musical innovation with his sound pallet & productions traversing styles such as drum & bass, jungle, dubstep and grime. Following on from the success of these initial tracks in 2015, he was tasked with writing his first solo EP for dBridge’s hugely respected, taste-making label Exit Records. The ‘Throwback Therapy’ EP was released on Exit to much acclaim, with the 4 tracks demonstrating the wide ranging influences and artistic flair of their creator. Shortly after followed the first visit to Stuttgart and a DJ set for the "Rendezvous" party series at Freund & Kupferstecher. An even wider range of different styles and influences can be heard in his solo Album the "Fixate LP" that released on Exit Records in 2022. We love DJs who combine all kinds of genres into a perfect blend and surprise you with every next track. Fixate is one of the best when it comes to these diverse DJ sets hence we are really looking forward at White Noise Stuttgart. Warmup support comes by Wake The Town host SRP.

Wake the Town: Fixate