A former Open-Air Venue becomes a Booking Agency.

The crew with the motto "Curate. Connect. Include." ran an open air club near Warschauer Straße, Berlin in summer of 2021 until they had to leave the space and has since evolved into a booking agency and a roster featuring artists like Cecilia Tosh, Jon Hester, Kyle Russouw and Kat Davids.

They keep their spirit and community alive by guesting in other locations worldwide with events and showcases with their artists.

They are happy to have their debut showcase curated by Cecilia Tosh in Stuttgart and playing at White noise club.

Cecilia Tosh is known for her regular sets at Berghain and Tresor. Her latest project was the exhibition and album called Kotti Island, which came out on Tresor Records.

Kyle Russouw is one of the most well known Djs from South Africa. He´s having his Europe debut this year where he will play in clubs like tresor, Oxi, Blitz München and Feel Festival.

White Noise invites Cura Berlin: Cécilia Tosh