• KleintierschaukelLaut & Luise – Berlin
  • Banali
  • Moloko+
  • Florian Bühler

With the "Kleintierschaukel" from the house of Laut und Luise comes an incomparable enjoyment for your domestic house pets on the dancefloor. Made from durable HipHop beats and first class Tech House grooves, Kleintierschaukel guarantees that even your shyest dance pet will be active, yet relaxed at the same time. Friends of the 4/4 movement therapy will simply love the smooth and yet challenging movement of the Kleintierschaukel.

Developed through years of research in the fields of turntablism and freestyle sessions in the private laboratories in the dreamy northern regions of the county, the Kleintierschaukel reaches the optimum for both outdoor and indoor use.

< ritual digital> is a monthly party for contemporary electronica, and tender dance music at White Noise. Hosted by the ritual digital collective.

Ritual:Digital: Kleintierschaukel